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Yesterday was pretty good on the uploads! So yell at me again to upload the next part!
Update! I have uploaded a new Dixie picture and a comparison pic, so please leave some comments on them both! Your feedback is greatly appreciated!
Hey so I have stuff in my stash that is ready to upload but I need motivation so...... yell at me to upload
Hey so I have stuff in my stash that is ready to upload but I need motivation so...... yell at me to upload
Dixie in the Rain with BG
Dixie in the rain.... fully colored and with a nice background to boot! I hope everyone likes it!


DragonLordFrankie's Profile Picture
United States
I'm just an aspiring writer who is trying to get his story turned into a manga. If anyone is interested in reading my story, go to… I am looking for someone talented to do commissions; if you are interested, please drop me a line! Please enjoy the art I post :)

Legacy of Dixie and its characters are created by Frankie-sama

I have created Team Shiryu! I am its head writer and its proud Leader! Check out :iconmanga-blast: for more details!

All art and drawing are done by Natalie Gilliam:iconghostgirl606:, my South African friend.

All coloring, shading, and illustrations are done by my childhood friend, Michael Rome:iconzeror102:.


My birthday badge

Current Residence: Richmond, California
Favourite genre of music: J-Rock
Favourite style of art: Anime/manga
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Hinata Hyuga
Personal Quote: If you let today pass you by, then you will never be ready for tomorrow

Journal History

Go watch him! He is talented as fuck! I love this dude and his art! Here are some samples!

2_6 by KeiRoyale Quick lines lazy shading by KeiRoyale 2 3 by KeiRoyale Wt by KeiRoyale Meh by KeiRoyale Current Female Characters by KeiRoyale
I'm looking for them! If you have a Skype account and like to RP, leave me a message and we can set something up!
I recently got a surge of new watchers, so I wanted to say, welcome to the page! I have a vast world of OCs that I am always expanding upon! I hope you go through my gallery and find characters that you can latch on to! Here are some of my most popular ones!

Dixie: The Toon Dixie Strike (Color) by DragonLordFrankie The Arrogance at its [PRIME] colored by DragonLordFrankie All Grown Up Color by DragonLordFrankie

Tressa: Your Greatest Dream... by DragonLordFrankie I Am Her Worst Nightmare....Colored by DragonLordFrankie EoE Tressa - First Outfit by DragonLordFrankie

Chihana: Chihana Shiryu (Pre-promotion) by DragonLordFrankie The Supreme Commander by DragonLordFrankie A Much Overdue Promotion by DragonLordFrankie
:icondrifterjellybean: and :iconkioko-fulgarion: tagged me for Tressa and Hana, so let's just jump right into them both!

Tressa Shiryu

Your Greatest Dream... by DragonLordFrankie

1. Tressa absolutely hates the cold and doesn't like to be put in swimsuits, as she feels that they are unbefitting a warrior.

2. She is very protective of her jacket, as it was the last thing she was given by the scientists who created her before they were killed.

3. She has a very strange obsession with vanilla ice cream and crepes.

4. She doesn't like to admit it, but Tressa likes children quite a bit.

5. Her Gothia Flame can be formed into a multitude of different items and weapons, kinda like how the Green Lantern uses his powers.

6. Her body can now disintegrate into black spores; her body is still mostly organic though, so she can still bleed and lose limbs

7. Tressa absolutely hates it when someone tries to hurt Dixie; she flies into a rage every time, especially since she is now Dixie's advisor.

8. Tressa used to be the tank and nuke of the Legacy; now, due to her overreliance on her immortality and regeneration, she has deteriorated into a glass cannon (she can hit with the power of a world-destroying nuke, but can't take much damage before going down) 

Hana Akitoki

Hana Akitoki Practice by DragonLordFrankie

1. Hana is actually married, to Akihito Akitoki

2. Hana's mind is a splintered space of sanity and insanity, with insanity winning out

3. Her hatred for Dixie caused her to modify her body to the point where she can only be killed by Dixie

4. The reason behind Dixie and Hana's personal war is with Hana's older brother, who was killed by Dixie and Hana retaliated by setting up the murder of Dixie's foster parents

5. Hana has a very strong love for explosions and the use of explosives; if she can use a bomb or grenade, she WILL use it

6. Hana is actually quite abusive towards the people of her clan, as she can only care about herself

7. Hana is secretly trying to find a way to fix her sanity and become a bit more normal

8. Hana created her own group called the Outsiders; their goal is to break down the barrier between life and death and to reunite Hana with her deceased husband

If anyone wants to do this, please feel free to take up the sword and do it!

:iconhybrid-foxkid: tagged me... Oh boy. Well, here we go....

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag other 8 characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' Avatars.

Dixie Shiryu

Happy Birthday Dixie by DragonLordFrankie

Fact 1: When she was born, Dixie had to be given up to foster parents due to the legal policies regarding interclan relations (don't bone anyone from another clan!)
Fact 2:
 Dixie has a small blind spot behind her when she uses her Magatama no Shiryu; it's unnoticeable unless her opponent knows about it.
Fact 3:
 When excited, she'll start blinking more often (this happens often!)
Fact 4:
 Dixie prefers to wear the clothes she does because she loves the punk style; thus, she styles her clothes after punk fans who go to mosh pits.
Fact 5: Dixie has traveled to other dimensions and through time; she has met other versions of herself and battled with and against powerful warriors.

Fact 6: Dixie and Tressa are often mistaken for being twins and/or sisters; they aren't, but their relationship is..... complicated
Fact 7:
 Dixie's main elements are Light and Ice, but she has limited control over earth, fire, and darkness, with fire and darkness hurts her severely.
Fact 8
: Dixie is actually quite resilient; she has grown incredibly more powerful than when she was a child. She is significantly bulkier than Tressa, who has decayed into a glass cannon.

I tag....

:iconhaseoleomyr: Arianna

:iconrenolamoi: Charlotte

:iconamp-97: Amp

:iconthisbuba: Adria

:iconanorha-nono: Rawr

:iconfighter1manga: Ken

and I cannot think of another 2 :P


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385 / 4,000
The more donations I can get, the closer I can get to finally beginning my manga and turning :iconmanga-blast: into a super group. Every point counts. God Bless and Thank you.

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