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Streaming on the PS4 right now! Come to my YouTube Channel and chat with me about anything!…
Wow I haven't done anything since the 5 year anniversary pic. I need to fix that!
I just made a wikia! Will be adding to it over the next few days, anyone want to help out with that?
Starting a new folder for my new villain group, The Outsiders, the counterpart to The Legacy


DragonLordFrankie's Profile Picture
United States
I'm just an aspiring writer who is trying to get his story turned into a manga. If anyone is interested in reading my story, go to… I am looking for someone talented to do commissions; if you are interested, please drop me a line! Please enjoy the art I post :)

Legacy of Dixie and its characters are created by Frankie-sama

I have created Team Shiryu! I am its head writer and its proud Leader! Check out :iconmanga-blast: for more details!

All art and drawing are done by Natalie Gilliam:iconghostgirl606:, my South African friend.

All coloring, shading, and illustrations are done by my childhood friend, Michael Rome:iconzeror102:.


My birthday badge

Current Residence: Richmond, California
Favourite genre of music: J-Rock
Favourite style of art: Anime/manga
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Hinata Hyuga
Personal Quote: If you let today pass you by, then you will never be ready for tomorrow

Journal History

  • Mood: Depressed
I know I am a couple days late in doing this, but thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes! I love you all and you all are amazing! I have been busy the past two days, but I cannot say it out loud. If you wish to know, send me a note and I will tell you!

Also, I now have a PS4 and a Youtube channel! You know what that means! Gaming streams! Feel free to go to my channel and check out the videos I have uploaded so far!… I hope to talk to a lot of people in the streams! See you later!
  • Mood: Depressed
My 27th birthday is next week! I'm feeling okay about it. Work will continue in January.

If people want to make me birthday gifts, go ahead. I don't expect anything though, feeling pretty blah overall

Enough updates for now, until next time I guess
  • Mood: Sadness
12319547 1508057352828415 1027428363 N by DragonLordFrankie

Thank you :iconmikakoyama: for the design! This is Tressa's new look and an alternate costume for Dixie. Would anyone be willing to make a lineart? If yes, please send me a note! And yes, this is for the game I am making!
  • Mood: Sadness
I am looking for a character designer and a pixel artist. If you do not many projects going on and you want to help work on a video game, please send me a note and we can talk. Thank you.
  • Mood: Happy Tears

Wow. I mean wow. I didn't think that I would ever last 5 years on this site, but dammit, I did it! This is my 5th anniversary on this site! I came here on the recommnedation of a friend because I wanted to create my own manga, but now, my goals and dreams have taken me so much farther than that! I have met some really awesome people in my journey so far, so I would like to take the time to recognize some of these people. If I did not add you, I am sorry, please let me know and I will amend this in the appropriate category. Here we go with the celebration/shilling of other people! XD

Amazing Artists

:icon4iixxo: Mia - School uniform .. by 4iixxo xx~ by 4iixxo

:iconamp-97: Dixie VS AMP by AMP-97 Kodocha - Sana and Akito by AMP-97

:iconamsa95: C:Blue potion bottle by amsa95Burger by amsa95

:iconaneclipseatdusk: Heartless by AnEclipseAtdusk Inari by AnEclipseAtdusk

:iconangiewaiwai: art trade - nami by angiewaiwai Hestia by angiewaiwai

:iconax2050: Rykycol by Ax2050 Cotton Candy Cloud or Strawberry Milk Hurricane by Ax2050

:iconbamitzsophie: .:GaLe:. Bandanna Crew by BAMITZSophie Violet by BAMITZSophie

:iconbokcutter: The Trade off from behind by Bokcutter HSV: Walking with You by Bokcutter

:iconbroku5000: A Normal Day For Aliessa by broku5000 Are You Claustrophobic? by broku5000

:icondannex009: Commission - Stem and Shine by dannex009 Kibasen - Team Naruto by dannex009

:icondrifterjellybean: Rest and Relaxation in Ridgebook by DrifterJellybean Calanthia's Swimsuit by DrifterJellybean

:iconemirion: Into the Night by Emirion Head Shot Sketch Dump by Emirion

:iconfinnthehu2015: Slime Girl Hisami by FinnTheHu2015 Bikini Dixie by FinnTheHu2015

:icong4mm43t4: 82588 by G4MM43T4 Qamra... In case you forgot. by G4MM43T4

:icongothique-blackthorne: dA24 by Gothique-Blackthorne dA1 by Gothique-Blackthorne

:iconheartspowl: TBBT - ShAmy - Sheldon x Amy by Heartspowl Beatrix - GIFT by Heartspowl

:iconicecreamlink: Pinic time by IceCreamLink X3 by IceCreamLink

:iconjamesnohana: Kaminari by jamesnohana Rukia by jamesnohana

:iconjustsher: Naruto OC : The Last by JustSher Thanks for 600+ watchers! by JustSher

:iconkenjisama: ParanormalActivity:Nicole vs UnicornGirl by Kenjisama OC: Tachibana Kitora by Kenjisama

:iconkimo-chi: Damari Kim by Kimo-Chi Enne by Kimo-Chi

:iconlunaticlann: The Legend of Zelda - Marin by LunaticLann Happy Halloween! (2015) by LunaticLann

:iconmentalcrash: I'm the Avatar, you gotta deal with it by MentalCrash Patreon Reward - Tomb Raider to Tomb Bunny by MentalCrash

:iconmagatzu: LILITH by Magatzu PAIGE by Magatzu

:iconmocharaven: Noir ,The time wanderer CONTEST ENTRY! by MochaRaven Drawers hand COMPLETE by MochaRaven

:iconshuffledyandere: Prepare To Bleed by ShuffledYandere PC Master Race by ShuffledYandere

:iconsullythepenguin: Random Adam reference! by SullyThePenguin Trade by SullyThePenguin

Artists Who I Admire a Lot

I fucking love :iconakairiot:! Every time I see a new upload, it just amazes me. Ahhh~ I would love to just one day talk to him and soak up some of his talent. That would be a fantasy come true really~ halloween villager by akairiot samus is ready for winter by akairiot

Even though she has called me senpai in the past, the art and characters of :iconanorha-nono: never cease to stop inspiring me. She has created such vast characters and a nice world, but Rawr-chan is still my favorite! Now On Facebook by Anorha-Nono AT: omnivion by Anorha-Nono

:iconcowpig: is a talented artist that I love the work of. She might think that her stuff is bad, but it really isn't. She just needs a confidence boost c: ayedee by cowpig Tashi Character Reference Sheet, I think by cowpig

:iconxtenchix: is a damn good artist! I wish he would post more! It's so fucking good and eye grabbing that I cannot describe it with words! Just check it for yourselves! My alien mother can't be this hot! by XTenchiX Esc. by XTenchiX

My Real Life Friends

:icongoddessbeat: and I know each other and we go back. That is all I am allowed to say :P Dominatrix M in training by Goddessbeat A light in the dark by Goddessbeat

:iconitsjustsuppi: and I go pretty far back, probably back to middle or high school, I forget. I always thought of him as my token talented Asian friend xD seriously, his stuff is amazing! Lunch Time! by ItsJustSuppi Rockin' with Sammie by ItsJustSuppi

:iconjason1000miles: and I are pretty tight. We're working on something for you guys, so keep it in the back of your minds, k? Jason Project by Jason1000miles Daniella and Dave by Jason1000miles

I'm gonna say it now; :iconpharaoh009: and I are cousins and our relationship is the reason you all have Chihana. Now please, go show my family some love and give his art a look :) Venom by Pharaoh009 A whole new world by Pharaoh009

:iconr0rik0: and I are pretty good friends IRL. She is quite sweet and has a nice art style. Check her out when you can! Im Not Cute by R0rik0 Mirai Kuriyama-no glasses by R0rik0

Without :iconsnowrukaya95:, I don't think my work would have gotten as far as it has. She has a crazy mind with all of these ideas and she is quite talented with the spoken word when she wants to be. Give her a look if you can. Meet Benna! by SnowRukaya95 Diskord by SnowRukaya95

I know :iconss2sonic: through the next person in this section. He's funny and talented. He also has two special Dixie/Tressa pics in his gallery! Check them out! Shadow and Ryuko by ss2sonic Evil Ryu by ss2sonic

Finally, my childhood friend :iconzeror102:. We grew up together, split for Middle/High School, reunited as adults, beem a team since. Without him, I would have never learned Photoshop/SAI and there would be no new stuff coming from me, as he helps me do some of the more intensive stuff in the art I upload. Thanks man. All Hail To Their World of Absolution by ZeroR102 Magnet by ZeroR102

Special Friends I Made on DA

:iconeonmon: has become a really good friend of mine. He's positive, upbeat, and a joy to always talk to! Strike up a convo with him and see if you aren't entertained!

:iconfansilver: has become an unexpected friend of mine, but I enjoy talking to you a lot, man. You have nice characters and you are always enthusiatic in your replies, I love it!

:iconfighter1manga: I consider a good friend. I like the concept of his character Ken, someone who goes to different worlds and adapts the powers of that world! Some people might call it dumb, I call it genius!

:iconfinding-my-freedom: is a good guy. He has a good heart and he has a goal. I support that goal because we have the same one. I hope you succeed brother!

Without :iconhawaii42612:, I probably would have lost my mind this year. She is amazingly sweet, kind, and courteous. I just fear that her confidence could fall into narcissim...

:iconkanashi-uzumaki: and I have become good friend this year and for good reason. She has talent as an artist and she is a compassionate person. I really appreciate that from someone. Thank you.

:iconkayuunekochan: is awesome. That's all I can say xD She is that awesome.

The twins known as :iconkurushimifutago: are really cool. My theory is that their art reflect their life experiences. One day, I WILL give them both a huge hug!

<turns off translator> :iconkeiroyale: is my nigga! I love that nigga, man! He got skills as an artist, but he ain't no GAWD! <turns translator back on> he is a really cool person to talk to :)

KUKI!!!! KUKI DAMMIT!!!! YOU NEED TO COME BACK TO ME!!! I MISS OUR RANDOM LIVESTREAMS!!!! I CAN'T EVEN RIGHT NOW.... If you haven't realized it yet, :iconladykuki: is my dA bestie ;D

:iconmikakoyama: is always a motivator from the shadows for me. She is always there to give me some kind of encouragement and it always helps me. Thank you so much for that.

:iconmarce-salami: is one hell of an artist! I love that girl! She is the reason that we have a 5th anniversary art piece! Make sure to properly thank her!


:iconoshirockingham:, you fucking rock! If you ever let me take Lilith and Michele on a ride to the Dixie Universe, then you can do the same for Dixie and Tressa! You made me further love rock, thank you brotha!

:iconpandorasxink:, you are random as fuck. But I love you for it and that is why I talk to you when I can!

:iconraisen-kun: you are awesome bro! Without you, my BIG project would have never gotten off the ground. Thank you so much for the recommnedation you gave me, it has changed my life!

:iconsoulreaperlady: has become someone really awesome to talk to. In our Rps, she ingeniously weaves in her culture and it shows. Really cool person to talk to!

:iconthisbuba:, you need to be on more! I have so many stories to tell you and you are seriously missing out on them!

:icontracy4angel:, I really appreciate talking to you! Yes, sometimes we don't see eye to eye and my 5th anniversary pic might piss you off, but you're still a really good person :)

The brothers :iconhaseoleomyr: and :iconrenolamoi: are probably two of my top 10 favorite deviants. I love these guys a lot because they are so different from each other. Haseo is a kind guy who just wants to be a good artist (he is!) while Reno is.... a pervert. Like a big pervert. And he is very proud of it. He wears it like a badge, like I do xD Talk to them both and find out for yourselves!

Oh man, this has been such a long journey, hasn't it? If you have made it this far, then here is a present for you; I can now reveal that I have formed a development team called Legacy Productions and we are creating a game for Steam! I cannot reveal any details yet, but I can say this: Summer 2016 will be the time where everything will begin. Now to introduce my team!

:iconaf1987: is our graphics designer. He is a phenominal artist who deserves more eyes on his work. I cannot describe in works his talent. See it for yourselves!

:icondamnfridayplz: is our script/scenario writer. He is taking the ramblings writings of yours truly and turning into something usable. Check out the story he is working on and tell me how it goes!

:iconcronavongorgon: is our character designer. She takes the characters and gives them a shiny new design to work with. She is pretty freaking talented, which is why I brought her on! Give her work some love please!

:icondawnofstefan: is the creator of what I dub the Continuity Bible. We will be putting out some writings based on said bible so look out for it. He is like a brother to me. I love this guy something fierce!

Thank you for listening to my crazy ramblings and shilling of a buch of people. I'm blessed to have been here for 5 years! Here is to 5 more crazy years! Remember, if it wasn't for :iconghostgirl606:, I would never have come here. I thank her so much. And I thank all of you for supporting me. Please keep it up and I will talk to you all later!

NOTE: I will update this later, I need a nap....


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382 / 4,000
The more donations I can get, the closer I can get to finally beginning my manga and turning :iconmanga-blast: into a super group. Every point counts. God Bless and Thank you.

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Group PIC 8 (UNEXPLAINED.) OC'S RinmaruGames

SO! much about them two?

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I'd love to know.

DragonLordFrankie Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2016
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Both of them are part of this music band, owned by someone called the king, an ancient prophet servant, that was sent down to destroy man-kind. Those two OC'S are part of his band of evil.

The brother is the main music band man, while his sister is a rock guitar specialist.

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So um what about my other submission what did you like about that one, or what would you like to know about it.

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SO! much about it?

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It's 100% him, my OC Dusk.

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SO! much about it?

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